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Review Policy

  • What are the criteria for someone's reviews to appear by default on a business page?

    We noticed that most people who write fake reviews visit Delightle, leave a rave review for a business that they are affiliated with, and then never come back again.

    After a user writes review, Our team then looks for any signals (objectivity of reviews, user's behavioral signals, social signals from linked Facebook/Twitter/Blogger profiles) to decide if these reviews should show up in the default tab of a business.

    We encourage users to write positive reviews to help businesses improve their service. This is a highly subjective process. And in order to keep the system clean, we err on the side of not approving more profiles than acceptable to our users.

  • What are the parameters used to detect fake reviews and spam on Delightle?

    In addition to very simple techniques like IP address monitoring, frequency detection and text matching, Delightle has developed advanced behavior detection and clustering algorithms to flag any review on a 1-20 scale of being suspicious. This score is the most important factor used to decide whether a review is marked as spam or not.

  • Can users report a review as spam/fake/suspicious?

    Yes. But for now, we only registered users to write reviews. We have opened this up to everyone, so everyone can participate in helping your local businesses get noticed and improved.

  • What kind of reviews are deleted from Delightle?

    Any review using abusive or foul language is deleted from Delightle.

    Also, our moderators delete reviews that clearly indicate personal vendetta against an establishment - such reviews mostly include evidence that the reviewer has not even visited the business. For example, "I have never been to this place, but I have heard they serve extremely bad food. Avoid!"

  • More Questions?

    Please email us at;

    We might also add your question on this page if we think it will help the wider community.